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Dinner for Two || Cassie & Carmen


It had been a long couple weeks and both girls had barely had time to fit in their dinner together that they were ordered to have. Carmen bought everything needed to make homemade pizza and she hoped Cassie wouldn’t mind. She heard the front door open and called out. “Cassie, if that’s you, I’m in the kitchen.” She had everything laid out on the counter.


Things had been busy for Cassie at work. She of course had only brought that upon herself, trying to come up with new systems and programs to help Graham’s business run smoother. But Cassie was also doing her best to avoid home, especially since Carmen had come in. She liked the girl and they got along well enough, but it still hurt Cassie that Alex felt she wasn’t enough for him. Something she would keep to herself from now on.

when she entered the large home, she looked toward the kitchen and made her way in. She gave Carmen a small smile before her eyes landed on the food on the counter, “What’s this?”


Drew smiled down at her. “I really don’t mean you any harm.” He handed the check to her. “Here. That should cover it.”


"I believe you. I’m just trying to follow my rules," she said softly, taking the check and nodding, "Yes. It does," she moved to the door, soon opening it and glancing back at the wolf, "Have a lovely day sir."

Voyeur are we?!


"that’s nice of him." he said with a smile that turned to a grin at the mention of more Ginger Ale. "You’re spoiling me. And i might get hyper and all over the place tomorrow."


"Hyper is good. Better than depressing and whiny, which I know isn’t your style," she sighed, soon leaning against the wall, "How are things otherwise? Still not planning to be claimed?"


He took a cupcake and smiled “You sure you’re allowed to bring this stuff in for us!” he asked, taking a bite and grinning, moaning almost “Mmm! These are really good! Thanks.”


"Good!" she smiled brightly, happy that he was enjoying it, "And don’t worry. If anyone had a problem they would have kicked me out by now. Or taken them for themselves," she shrugged her shoulder, not all that worried about the guards currently on duty.

Talk about bad timing


"Don’t mind if I do." He muttered, letting his fingers trail down over her sides and across her legs. His lips trailed across her neck as his cool fingers moved along her skin.

The soft, deep tone of his voice caused a warmth to stir in Cassie’s gut. She hummed softly at the feel of his cool fingers along her legs, his lips making tracks along her skin. She leaned back into him, her ass pressed against him as she slowly rolled her hips back and forth. A moan sounded into Alex’s ear as Cassie reached one arm around her master to dig her nails into his hair.

"Yeah, you know…all those stressogens. I’m stress-cleaning. I’m stress. So I’m cleaning. Boy drama. Not that you care…. "

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